Nomada Slab

Nomada Slab has a strong personality. The clear structure of the characters guarantee impeccable legibility in small sizes, and the solid slab serifs help guiding the readers’ eyes along the lines. In display use Nomada Slab creates forceful titles and headlines. Being derived from Nomada Sans, it falls in the category of the neo-grotesque slab serifs, with low stroke contrast and compact proportions. Like the Sans, it has square dots. Several design details like the round tails and the big apertures add a warm humanist touch, and its chunky square serifs give Nomada Slab a friendly look. The italics stand out due to their semi-serif structure – a refreshing choice for this type of slab-serif face. Its 18 styles match those in the other families, allowing harmonious pairings.


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This font can not use in Brazil. In this country, it is exclusive for Folha de São Paulo Group. But licensing Folha Grafico and Folha Texto in the rest of the world is allowed.