Grollera Wide

Grollera, an exciting, expansive sans serif font family, exists at the intersection of tradition and innovation. The typeface embraces contradictions. Modern, squarish inner shapes contrast with outer forms inspired by early grotesques to create a surprising and wholly new typographic language.


The design started from the letter ‘O’, which combines a traditional, elliptical contour with a squarish counterform—basically a rectangle with quarter circles as corners. Grollera sustains this concept throughout the entire alphabet to significant effect. It lends the characters a sense of materiality, as if they had been cut in metal and letterpressed instead of created out of intangible node points and splines.


Looking at Grollera, you also get the impression that the squarish counterforms are expanding, pushing outward, trying to break out of the confines of the outer contours. It conjures a powerful tension, an illusion of movement resulting in lively, energetic letterforms.


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This font can not use in Brazil. In this country, it is exclusive for Folha de São Paulo Group. But licensing Folha Grafico and Folha Texto in the rest of the world is allowed.