Folha Texto

Folha Texto is a true news face, a sturdy humanistic text type with a compact architecture that is surprisingly elegant. The typical structure of the serifs—curved on the outside and straight on the inside—serves a dual purpose. It introduces a gentle calligraphic elegance to the design, while freeing up the open counters even more. The shape of the serifs lends the letters a forward thrust, a motion that helps the reader’s eye along the lines of text. This straight/curved duality is also present in the terminals, giving the design extra bite.


The italics have a lovely flow, and are spirited counterparts to the upright styles. The markedly calligraphic nature of characters add a liveliness to the italics that is reinforced by the barely noticeable downwards kick in the bottom arm of the “E”, “L”, and “Z”, as well as the characteristic tail of the “Q.” All these factors, combined with the low, barely sloped contrast, make Folha Texto a multi-purpose serif face that shines in medium to small sizes.


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This font can not use in Brazil. In this country, it is exclusive for Folha de São Paulo Group. But licensing Folha Grafico and Folha Texto in the rest of the world is allowed.