Bulo is a sanserif typeface with clear

and concise letterforms. It follows

a mechanically based construction,

but with a slight humanistic touch,

particularly in its lowercase and italics.

It has been designed for newspaper

and magazine contexts, thus the

feature of economy in its use of

space, both horizontal –through its

narrow proportions– and vertical

–with its short ascenders and

descenders. In addition it has

a generous x-height and reduced


The aim was to present a unique

family able to cover any level within

an information hierarchy, with

presenceand notoriety in headlines

or pull-quotes, but still comfortable

and transparent in text sizes.

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This font can not use in Brazil. In this country, it is exclusive for Folha de São Paulo Group. But licensing Folha Grafico and Folha Texto in the rest of the world is allowed.