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Tipografies (typographies in Catalan) was founded in 2010 and specializes in text typefaces considered to be more complete, useful and durable.

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Jordi Embodas (Barcelona, 1977) is a Barcelona-based graphic designer passionate about letterforms. He studied graphic design in Elisava, in 1995-99, and he studied one term at Universität GH Essen (Germany). There he met the love of his live, Áurea, and mother of his three kids, Arnau, Aurita and Enric. Since 2001 he works as a graphic designer at Estudi Juste Calduch and he design text typefaces since 2005. He teaches typography at the design schools from Barcelona.


Fernando Rodríguez is a type designer collaborate sometimes with Tipografies and participate in development of Nomada Incise. 


Joan Carles Casasín is part of the technical production and development of our fonts.


Noe Blanco has collaborated in the development of Bulo Rounded and codesigned Trola Text and is part of the technical production of the fonts. 


María Ramos has codesigned Nomada Didone.  


Oscar Cobo participated in development of Nomada Incise. 


You can write to us at info(at)tipografies.com or follow us on Behance, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.


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